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11 Amazing Things to do in Druskininkai, Lithuania’s Spa Town

Druskininkai, Lithuania Travel Guide: Unusual Things to Do in a Lithuania Spa Town blue church

Are you looking for the best things to do in Druskininkai, Lithuania? This guide will help you out! I first heard of Druskininkai, Lithuania from my friends from Belarus.  This Lithuania spa town sits fairly close to the Belarussian and Polish borders and is situated along the Nemunas River, Lithuania’s largest river, which also passes […]

10 Historic and Beautiful Places to Visit in Lithuania

Places to visit in Lithuania: Kernave

Lithuania was the first Baltic country I stepped foot in, actually. I flew to Vilnius and then ventured to Klaipeda and Trakai and beyond.  Since that first trip, I have traveled to Lithuania around a dozen times. There are many places to visit in Lithuania and that is why I recruited a few other bloggers […]

15 Extremely Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Lithuania

15 Extremely Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Lithuania

There are many important things to know before you visit Lithuania. This is a guest post from Lithuanian blogger Astraveler indicating all the useful things to know before visiting Lithuania.  We hope that if you’re traveling there… this will be a great starting point for helping you plan your trip to Lithuania. Things to Know […]

Forgotten Memories of the Abandoned Amusement Park in Elektrenai

Elektrenai. Even the name sounds pretty cool despite my inability to let it truly roll off of the tongue as if I were Lithuanian.  By the time I ended up visiting the abandoned amusement park in Elektrenai, Lithuania in March 2018, a place I had only heard about from a Finnish friend living in Vilnius […]