Things to Look for When Buying a Coffee Grinder

If you’re a coffee lover and just can’t start your day without a nice, fresh cup of Joe, then you know how important it is for it to be super fresh so it can be perfect. There are ways to do so, and one of them is by owning a coffee grinder. Take a look below at some helpful tips for you when you’re thinking of getting yourself one.

There Are Different Types of Grinders

When it comes to grinding your own coffee beans to brew the perfect cup, you need to know that a coffee grinder can come in different forms. It can be explained below for you:


  • Blade Grinder:


This type of grinder is a good choice if you want something cheap. They are used manually to grind the beans, and they are great if you’re using normal or low-quality beans as well. But if you’re used to buying the premium kinds, then this one isn’t for you. The grinder is known to be a little inconsistent, the beans you grind will come out partially coarse, partially powder, and all types of particle sizes in the mix. So better make your choice wisely depending on what kind of coffee beans that you normally buy. 


  • Burr Grinder:


This is the perfect grinder for the people that buy premium quality coffee beans, if your budget can handle it, then it will be well worth the money if you are after that best cup you ever tasted. There’s the normal flat burr grinder, which is a bit pricey, but it’s perfect in producing consistency in the bean sizes. And there’s the more affordable conical burr grinder that has the feature of being quieter than the flat one. Overall, this type is sure to give you the best possible flavor out of your coffee; its consistency is what makes the quality and taste of the end result much better.

The Price

Coffee grinders, in general, aren’t cheap, and if they are then it will probably produce bad-tasting coffee. You need to think about the investment you’d be making in owning your own coffee grinder. Getting something that’s high quality and that gives you great cups of your favorite beverage are more than enough reasons to do so. If you’re willing to spend some money to get a grinder that will do just that, then you’ll be looking at burr grinders that range from 100 to 500 dollars.

The Size and Capacity 

When you’re searching for one, you need to consider how big it is, and how much it can take to start grinding and brewing. Grinders can hold a certain amount of coffee each time you get to use it; you will get better flavor from your coffee if you grind the beans before each time you brew a cup, so don’t worry about the capacity since you’d be making enough just for one or two cups which is manageable. As for the size, it just depends on your counter and cabinet space. But before you buy one, make sure you consider how much space you have in your kitchen to work with; it has to be in a perfect place that fits well with your other appliances.

Durability and Material 

Another thing to think about is what it is made of, and how long it will last with you. Most grinders come in stainless steel and it works really well, but they tend to be replaced after a few years. The ceramic kind has a longer lifespan and is of much better quality that’s certainly worth your money. Overall, it all depends on how smart you are with your research, check different reviews and see what other customers say about a certain brand or model that’s strong and durable. 

The Heat When Grinding

This is another main factor that influences how your coffee will taste; if your grinder gets the beans hot while grinding them up, it might possibly burn the grounds and change the flavor for the worse. So check how fast the motor is, the speed is something that needs to come with an adjustable feature; to give you full control on how fast it grinds. The feature really helps in reducing the heat from the grinding process.

Finding the perfect grinder depends on many factors; you just got to research for one that suits your needs and matches the type of beans you’re buying. Start your mornings with the best cups imaginable by making it fresh from your own kitchen with your own grinder.

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