The Intense Hues of Autumn in Frogner Park

Frognerparken (Frogner Park), also known as Vigelandsparken, is the largest park near Oslo’s central parts.  Norwegians flock to this park for BBQs, social time, or just a little bit of sun when it’s warm outside.  Tourists flock to this park to see a quieter side of Oslo, as well as the world-famous statues, all constructed solely by Gustav Vigeland.

I recently headed there on my own agenda, however.  I was set out to see some beautiful fall foliage… something I was deeply missing this time of year from my home state of Virginia.

Thankfully, Frogner Park did not disappoint.

Frogner Park in Oslo

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Vigeland Sculpture Park is Oslo’s most visited attraction.

Roses in Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Frognerparken is also home to Norway’s largest collection of roses, with a total of 14,000 plants and 150 different species.  They are obviously not in bloom all year round, but when you catch them at the right time, it will take your breath away.

Autumn colors in Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

More roses and one of the most famous statues, the Monolith, which is over 14 meters high and consists of 121 human figures.

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Autumn colors in Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Tree-lined path in Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

Vigelandsparken in Oslo, Norway

I can probably name about one hundred places in Oslo to see the changing leaves, but there is something so surreal and magical about watching it inside of Frogner Park.

Where is your favorite place to see the beautiful colors of fall?

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Hey Megan! Congrats on your new site, it looks great!
This post almost made me ‘homesick’! Frognerparken is one of my personal faves in Oslo, and I realized it’s been very long since I was there the last time. GREAT photos, Megan!

thanks love! one thing i think is so cool about the park is that while tourists all go there, so do the locals. must mean it is super special. :)

and trust me, nothing to be homesick about right now. it is SO cold here i cant even bear to step outside. unfortunately it is only going to get much colder :/


We were there at this exact time of year four years ago–I took a ton of photos, those trees were unbelievable!!


it seriously took my breath away…

the temperatures here have been bitterly cold lately, but when i see scenery like this, it really makes me forget that it’s colder than crap outside!

It’s gorgeous Megan! There’s something about tree-covered paths that I just can’t resist!

you would definitely love that side of oslo…hope yall make it here for a visit sometime!

and im a sucker for some tree covered paths too…we had a lot of them on the east coast of the US. kind of reminds me of home!

Great photos! I love vigelandsparken. I’m actually stopping by Oslo for a few days next week to visit the bf’s family! Hope it’s not TOO cold yet. ;-)

That is awesome! It has been a little cold here, but today seemed to be more tolerable. Either way, the colors are striking right now!

PS Love the name of your blog!

Hey Megan :)
Wow your blog is even more awesome than it was before! Congrats!

Hey, I didn’t know you were living in Oslo now! Wanna grab a coffee someday?

thanks so much girl!!!

sending you a message …

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