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11 Best Airbnbs in Missoula, MT (+ Options near the Stadium)

Spacious 2 Bedroom Montana Forest Paradise

Are you looking for the best Airbnbs in Missoula for your upcoming visit to the city? This guide takes you through the top Missoula Airbnbs that will be perfect for your trip! Let us know if you have any recommendations for great Airbnb rentals in Missoula. Missoula truly is one of the best places to visit […]

Where to Find Amazing Craft Beer in Hamburg, Germany

When I first moved to Germany in 2014, very few cities in the beer-savvy nation were fluent in the language of craft beer.  A country renowned and praised for its Reinheitsgebot was also a country where little development took place in the craft beer world and many young and exuberant brewers were plagued by a law […]

8 Best Airbnbs in Lugano (Budget + City Center Options!)

Airbnbs in Lugano

There is just something remarkably special about Lugano, Switzerland. These are the best Airbnbs in Lugano that will let you discover that for yourself! This guide showcases the top Lugano Airbnbs for everyone – from the budget traveler (you’d be surprised how affordable accommodation in Lugano actually is) to the person desiring a more luxurious […]

Visiting Saltstraumen Maelstrom from Bodø: Tips + What to Expect

Visiting Saltstraumen Maelstrom from Bodø: Tips + What to Expect

One of the most awe-inspiring places Megan and I have ever visited was Saltstraumen near Bodø, Norway.  Saltstraumen maelstrom is the world’s largest whirlpool. This is a guide for those visiting Saltstraumen and will include practical tips, how to visit from Bodø, Saltstraumen tours, and many facts about this remarkable place. Visiting Saltstraumen Maelstrom from […]

Getting from Milan Bergamo Airport to Bergamo (Bus and Transfers) 

Getting from Bergamo Airport to Bergamo

There are several ways to get to northern Italy, especially to Bergamo.  This is a guide on how to get from (Milan) Bergamo Airport to Bergamo city center.  It will include Bergamo Airport transfer options and how to get to Bergamo by bus. Milan Bergamo Airport to Bergamo City Center  Milan Bergamo Airport or Orio […]

10 Dreamy Airbnbs in Whitefish MT (+ Best Cabin Rentals)

Treehouse in Whitefish MT

Whitefish, Montana is one of the most underrated mountain towns in the United States. These are some of the best Airbnbs in Whitefish MT that you can stay in while exploring this spectacular region. Are you planning a trip to Glacier National Park this year? Or perhaps you’re looking to go skiing in Montana this […]