Amazing Vacation Accommodation With a Difference in Norway

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Every year 5.88 million people visit Norway for a vacation. The country certainly has no shortage of beautiful landscapes that you can explore, including of course the beautiful fjords, waterfalls, and glaciers.

Many people, when they are on vacation, stay in hotels or rental homes. If you are looking for a trip with a difference, there are some truly unique places to stay in Norway.

You could enjoy some glamping in a dome where you have a 360° view of the stars, spend some time in a treetop cabin immersed in nature, or even stay in a special pod suspended above the ocean. The unique accommodation will give you a glimpse into the glory of nature that Norway has to offer. 

The Dome Hotel

The Dome Hotel (Slettengvegen 68, 2420 Trysil) offers a luxury glamping experience in fully furnished geodesic domes. The architecture of geodesic domes is very eye-catching, the structure is made of interconnecting lines.

The domes are also incredibly sustainable in terms of building materials. The Dome Hotel is based on Nygard Farm, only 20km from Trysil. The domes are wonderfully intimate and have a view of the beautiful snow-capped mountains.

They are equipped with a comfortable queen-sized bed and a wood-burning stove for keeping your accommodation cozy and warm. Whilst you are staying at the Dome Hotel, you can try skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and fishing. 

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel (Sorrisniva 20, 9518 Alta) offers the ultimate in Arctic wilderness accommodation. It is the most northerly ice hotel in the world.

The Igloo Hotel is crafted out of snow and ice by local sculptors. Each of the rooms in the hotel are completely unique, all with a different theme.

Even though it is cold, you can enjoy a comfortable and cozy night’s sleep underneath some reindeer furs. There is plenty to do while you are staying at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, you could enjoy a reindeer or husky safari, take a trip on a snow scooter, learn all about Sami history and culture and even sample some delicious gourmet dining. 

Bolder Sky Lodges

604 meters above sea level in Lysefjorden are the Bolder Sky Lodges (4110 Forsand). The Lodges are built on a single pillar and are shaped like bricks. They appear to float over the fjord, giving you incredible panoramic views of the fjord below.

The Sky Lodges are very well-equipped, and inside you will find a fully-fitted kitchen, two double bedrooms, and a comfortable living area for you to enjoy the landscape below.

Whilst you are staying at the lodges, you can order some luxury meals from the “Déjà Vu delikatesser,” the tapas spread is particularly popular. 

PAN Treetop Cabins

The PAN Treetop Cabins (Joger Hansens Veg 2280, 2280 Gjesåsen) are a completely unique way to experience the Norwegian Landscape.

The cabins, which are triangular in shape, are resting on a wickerwork structure that has been cleverly anchored into solid rock, giving them immense stability.

The architecture of the cabins has earned them nominations in the Dezeen Design Awards, the European Steel Design Awards, and the 202 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards.

Inside the cabins, you will find six beds in three separate sleeping quarters, electricity, and running water. They are comfortable to stay in and you will have a panoramic view of the surrounding forests and Lake Gjesåssjøen. 

The WonderINN

The WonderINN (Støtterudvegen 215, 2008 Fjerdingby) is a mirrored glass cabin in the forest. You can see out, but nothing can see in, making it the perfect accommodation if you want to watch the wildlife and birds around you.

Guests regularly report spotting ospreys, eagles, and kingfishers. The cabin, which is available to book through AirBnB, is beautifully furnished with all mod-cons, and there is even a fire pit, a BBQ grill, and your own private hot tub to enjoy in the evenings. 

Birdbox Fauske

The Birdbox Fauske (6815 Bjørkedal) has to be one of the most unique treehouses in Norway. From the strikingly-designed box, you will have a birds-eye view of the rivers, the forest, and the surrounding countryside. You couldn’t get much closer to nature.

The Birdbox is comfortably furnished, and the perfect place to relax, read a good book and spend some time meditating in the peaceful silence.

Whilst you are staying in the area, you can spend some time hiking and even do some wild swimming in the summer months when the weather is warmer. 

Manshausen Sea Cabins

Staying in one of the Manshausen Sea Cabins (Manshausen 3, 8283 Leinesfjord), “where mountains meet the sea,” you can watch the ocean all around you.

Manhausen is located right in the middle of the Grøtøya strait, 0.5km from the village of Nordskot. Here you will find 7 unique sea cabins, designed by the architect Snorre Stinessen.

The cabins, which have three sides made of glass, give you a beautiful view of the surrounding oceans and mountains. You will hopefully even see the magnificent Northern Lights dancing in the night sky around you.

The cabins have two bedrooms and comfortable seating areas where you can enjoy looking out over the water. They have a fitted kitchen so you can make dinner, but don’t expect to find a TV, the view is far more interesting. 

Salmon Train

If you are a railway enthusiast, you can’t get better than staying on a train, right in the middle of a railway bridge.

The Salmon Train (Sørsivegen 3314, 7863 Øysletta) is a beautiful carriage, built in the 1960s that has been lovingly restored and transformed into some completely unique accommodation.

On the train, there are 10 compartments, each containing two comfortable double beds. The carriages are fully fitted with bathrooms and hot water. There is plenty to do in the area including fly fishing, climbing, forest hiking, and river bathing. 

 There are some spectacular places where you can stay in Norway. With some unique accommodation, where you can truly have the vacation of a lifetime. 

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