My 2015 Travel Wishlist

I think 2015 will be a slow year in travel for me.  And I couldn’t be happier about it.  This year took me from spending New Year’s Day in Kazakhstan to my July birthday in Colombia to spending the December holidays in Germany.  I didn’t really think I had traveled too much this year until I was filling out a recent visa application and realized I had traveled far more than I had stayed put throughout 2014.  While it was fun, I don’t want to replicate that lifestyle in 2015.  I want to settle, get into a good gym routine, play with my dog, and get to know the city I am currently residing in- Frankfurt, Germany.  I also want to brew my own beer, learn to cook a new cuisine, and keep in touch with my family better.

With that being said, I already have some plans for 2015.  But this list isn’t about the plans I already have.  It is about the places I’d like to go during the year.  If I see none, that is okay.  If I see all eight, that is okay too.  I know I’ll make it to them someday and when the time is right.

I decided to break them down into a more practical list.  I can’t wait to look back on this during the December holidays next year and see how I did.

1.  The destination I was supposed to go to in 2014, but didn’t is:

Kaliningrad, Russia

I had plane tickets and solidified plans to head to Kaliningrad in June 2014.  A month prior to traveling, I received a call from Air Baltic saying my plane tickets had been canceled.  I had not paid a substantial amount for the tickets, so I wasn’t completely gutted, but it also threw a kink into how I was going to arrive to the small oblast nestled between Poland and Lithuania.  My ticket refund took a while to arrive back into my bank account and by the time it had arrived, I had moved on from Kaliningrad being a 2014 destination and filed it into the 2015 folder.  I ended up in Cologne and Frankfurt, Germany instead.


image by Tim Verlaan

I have plans to head to Kaliningrad for Easter 2015.  Nothing is confirmed or booked, so these plans are tentative, but I’m pretty determined to make it happen.  I will probably just fly in and out of Gdansk, Poland for better security on the situation.

2.  The German city I want to visit most in 2015 is:


And Leipzig and Magdeburg.  But mostly Dresden.  I have always wanted to go here as it looks stunning and unlike many other German cities.  I have yet to explore this area of Germany deeply and look forward to heading there as I am now living in Deutschland.

3.  The place in the USA I want to visit the most is:


I have been to 45 of 50 US states.  And I have explored just about every place pretty deeply at that.  While I’m not 100% certain how many countries I’ve been to (around 65 or so), I do know for a fact that I have been to 45 US states and have not yet stepped foot in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, or Alaska.  I’m saving Alaska for last as I have no doubt it will be the most spectacular.  But Montana has been calling my name for some time.  And I hope 2015 is the year I will finally answer.  My only plans for heading to the US are in October/November for my best friend’s wedding, so I may have to hold off another year for a better season to take a road trip through Montana, but it will happen.  I’m determined.

4.  The place I would happily take your donations for to travel to is:

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

I don’t accept travel donations from people and probably never will.  Unless someone wants to fund me to travel to Kamchatka.  It is my #1 travel dream and I’m pretty sure I can die happy after visiting the place.  You can even come along with…


Kamchatka has more volcanic activity than any other region on the planet.  I’m sold at just that.


5.  The place I want to return to most in 2015 is:


I have only been to Kiev.  Time to see more of this remarkable country.  I had plans to travel to Donetsk this Easter.  Needless to say, that didn’t pan out for “obvious” reasons and I ended up in the Balkans instead.  Hopefully I will pick the right cities to check out in 2015.  I have a feeling this trip will actually happen during the new year.


6.  The place in the USA I want to explore deeper is:

The Bronx

My base airport is JFK when I fly back and forth to the US so I always set aside a few New York days when stateside.  I know Brooklyn well.  And I know Manhattan well.  While I was determined to get to know Harlem well this year (I failed), I am thinking that 2015 is going to be the year I get to know the Bronx.

Why the Bronx?

The Food.

7.  The destination I’m really stoked on for 2015 is (but probably won’t make it to):

Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanon has been on my radar for sometime.  But, for some reason, despite constantly finding cheap plane tickets into Beirut, I always end up somewhere else.  Next time I have money and I see a cheap flight to Beirut, I’m undoubtably booking it.  I’m truly tired of eating delicious Lebanese food not in Lebanon.  Besides, the scenery looks pretty incredible.



8.  The definitely-not-going-to-happen, but I wish it were is:

Faroe Islands

Should have done this while living in western Norway, dangit.  I still want to find a way to make this trip happen before it’s overrun by tourists like Iceland.  I will also accept travel donations for this trip if anyone is feeling generous. :)



I think eight locations is pretty decent and if I make it to any of them, I’ll be very content.

Where do you want to travel to in 2015?

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My (Russian) husband’s rich uncle goes to Kamchatka every month for fishing expeditions. I looked into it… even being based in Moscow and doing it through Russian channels it’s SO EXPENSIVE. When I finally convince him to fund my trip, I’ll ask for you as well ;)

Polly, take me tooooo! I’m dying to go to Kamchatka. Surely among the three of us we can come up with a rich patron… I also want to get in on the trip to the Faroe Islands. And Montana.

Seriously, count me in on this too.

Some great spots here! Kaliningrad and Ukraine are high on my list too but visa issues make it a pain. I’m a huge fan of Dresden, both the baroque Old Town and the hipster New Town. It’s on my list of cities I could live in.

All the best for your travels next year and hopefully I’ll see you on the road somewhere. Maybe in Belarus! :)

Hi! I’m a long time reader but first time commenter :) I live in Berling right now, but can say that Dresden is 100% worth visiting and def not difficult to get to from Frankfurt. If you need any recommendations or tips (or a travel buddy!), I’m happy to help. I love Dresden!

Whyyyyyyy did you leave Norway? I loved reading about it so much. Enjoy Gemany!!!

Did Andre move to Germany with you?

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